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Sweden: Datainspektionen issues guidance on camera surveillance in public transport

The Swedish data protection authority ('Datainspektionen') issued, on 31 July 2020, guidance on camera surveillance in public transport ('the Guidance'). In particular, the Guidance highlights that from 1 August 2020, in some cases public transport operators do not need to apply for a permit for camera surveillance and that this exception applies when the surveillance is to take place for crime prevention purposes or is aimed at preventing or detecting disturbances of public order and safety or accidents. In addition, the Guidance notes that the exemption from the permit requirement applies if the monitoring takes place in a number of limited circumstances, such as in an airport or in a station, terminal, or stop area intended for travel by public transport by road, rail, water, tramway, or metro.

Moreover, the Guidance notes that in order to be allowed to surveil in order to prevent, deter, or detect criminal activity or to investigate or prosecute crime, it is generally required that the guarded place is exposed to crime. 

You can read the Guidance, only available in Swedish, here