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Law: The Law of Turkmenistan of 20 March 2017 on Information on Private Life and its Protection No. 519-V (only available in Russian here) ('the Law on Information')

Regulator: The Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan ('the Cabinet')

Summary: Data protection in Turkmenistan is primarily governed by the Law on Information. The Law on Information provides for data subject rights, data controller obligations, data transfer restrictions, and general principles for the collection and processing of personal information. The Law on Information does not, however, contain data breach notification requirements, nor does it address the appointment of data protection officers. In addition to the Law on Information, the Code for Criminal Liability of 10 May 2010 No. 104-IV (only available Russian here) provides protection against cybercrimes, and further provisions applicable to data protection can be found in other legislation such as the Code of Turkmenistan of 29 August 2013 No. 422-IV on Administrative Offenses (only available in Russian here).