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Law: There is no general data protection law.

Regulator: There is currently no general data protection authority.

Summary: Currently, Bolivia does not have a comprehensive data protection law regulating privacy and data protection matters. However, there are two draft laws that are in progress. In particular, bill No. 349/2020-2021 for the protection of personal data (only available in Spanish here) was initially introduced to the Legislative Assembly on 19 October 2021. Thereafter, in March 2023, a motion for the reintroduction of the bill (only available in Spanish here) was filed, on 3 March 2023, in the Legislative Assembly by National Deputy Renan Cabezas Veizan. Separately, OneTrust DataGuidance Research confirmed, on 25 April 2023, with Ana Valeria Escobar, Partner at PPO Abogados, that the Electronic Government Agency and Information and Communication Technologies ('AGETIC') had presented, on 31 March 2023, to the Bolivian Senate, a new data protection bill (only available in Spanish here). Both drafts would establish the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data ('APP') as the national regulatory authority, but in the meantime, the AGETIC often regulates such matters. Bolivia also has specific provisions ensuring the protection of personal data in the financial, healthcare, and telecommunications sectors.