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Law: See Qatar State and Qatar Financial Centre

Regulator: See Qatar State and Qatar Financial Centre

Summary: Qatar presents a comprehensive federal level data protection legal framework, represented by Law No. 13 of 2016 Concerning Privacy and Protection of Personal Data, but also provides a separate regime that applies to entities licensed within Qatar Financial Centre ('QFC'), a global business and financial centre. The relationship between the Qatar State and QFC jurisdictions is not always clear. Please see the jurisdiction links to Qatar State and Qatar Financial Centre below for further information.

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The Qatar Financial Centre ('QFC') is a global business and financial centre with an independent legal and regulatory infrastructure. It was established by the Qatar Financial Centre Law (Law No. (7) of 2005) ('the QFC Law'), which also provided the QFC Authority ('QFCA') with the power to produce the Data Protection Regulations and the Rules that govern data protection law in the QFC today. About 16 years since the introduction of the QFC's 2005 Regulations ('the Regulations') and 2005 Data Protection Rules ('the Rules'), the QFCA has reviewed each of the regulations and rules in light of global developments in data protection law, and has proposed various changes to each of the same. Moreover, the QFCA announced, on 18 August 2021, its launch of a public consultation on the proposed changes, which ended on 16 September 2021. In this regard, the QFCA noted that it may adopt, in whole or in part, the changes outlined in the consultation paper or may amend the changes in light of the comments received. Notably, the results of the consultation and final draft of the changes have not yet been released. This Insight summarises the proposed changes introduced by the QFCA review and outlines the new provisions that organisations may have to consider in the event that the proposed changes are adopted.