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Law: Law No. 22/11 on the Protection of Personal Data (only available in Portuguese here) ('the Law')

Regulator: The President of Angola passed, on 10 October 2016, Decree No. 214/16 that establishes the organisational framework of the data protection authority. The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology ('MTTI') announced, on 9 October 2019, that the National Database Protection Agency ('APD') had become operational.

Summary: The Law establishes general data protection requirements in Angola, and addresses, among other things, data processing notifications, data subject rights, direct marketing, and data transfers. Although the Law set a baseline for personal data protection, the rules governing the regulatory authority were only clarified in Presidential Decree 214/16, of 10 October 2016 (only available in Portuguese here) ('the Presidential Decree'). Moreover, the APD only became operational in 2019. In addition, the regulation of personal data protection has been supplemented through Law No. 23/11 of 20 June 2011 on Electronic communications and Information Society Services (only available in Portuguese here) ('the Electronic Communications Law'), and Law No. 7/17 of 16 February 2017 (only available in Portuguese here) ('the Protection of Information Systems and Networks Law').