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New Brunswick


Law: Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act 2009 ('the Act'). Please note that the Act applies to public bodies only. Private organisations are regulated at the federal level by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act 2000 ('PIPEDA').

Regulator: Office of the Ombud

Summary: The Act creates obligations for public bodies that collect, use, and disclose personal information and establishes the right for individuals to access public records and access and correct their personal information held by public bodies. In addition, the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act 2009 regulates collection, use, disclosure, secure destruction, and protection of personal health information ('PHI') by custodians and information managers. It also sets out rights for individuals, including the right to information, to withhold or withdraw consent, to request a copy of their PHI and to be informed whether their PHI has been breached.