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North Dakota


Law: Please note this State does not have a general privacy law in effect, you can visit USA State Law Tracker to monitor the progress of US State bills.

Regulator: The North Dakota Attorney General ('AG')

Summary: Although North Dakota does not yet have a general bill for the protection of consumer data, House Bill 1485 for An Act to Provide For Legislative Management Study of Consumer Personal Data Disclosures ('the Act') provides for a legislative management study of consumer personal data disclosures in order to study protections, enforcement, and remedies regarding the disclosure of consumers' data. This study must review other federal and State privacy laws, and recommendations made, along with legislation needed to implement them, before being be submitted to the sixty-seventh legislative assembly for consideration. In addition, §51-30-01 et seq. of the North Dakota Century Code stipulates North Dakota's breach notification requirements. Specifically, an individual owning or licensing computerised data that includes personal information must disclose, to the AG and affected individuals, any breach following discovery or notification of the breach, as well as disclose a breach of data that they do not own if personal information was or is reasonably believed to have been acquired by an unauthorised person.