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Law: Law No. 2013/015 of 23 May 2013 on the Protection of Personal Data in the Republic of Mali (only available in French here) ('the Law')

Regulator: Malian data protection authority ('APDP')

Summary: In Mali, personal data protection is principally regulated by the Law, Law No. 2019-056 of 5 December 2019 on the Repression of Cybercrime (only available in French here) ('the Cybercrime Law'), and through case law. Notably, the Law exempts certain transient data storage in the form of temporary copies made under the framework of technical activities from its provisions. The Law also addresses matters such as data subject rights, data transfers, legal bases for processing, and the establishment of the APDP. The APDP is responsible for setting standards, approving data transfers and issuing administrative sanctions such as warnings, criminal judges issue monetary and criminal penalties.