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Law: Law on Personal Data Protection No. 787 of 21 March 2012 (only available in Spanish here) ('the Law') and Regulation of Law No. 787, Decree No. 36-2012 of 17 October 2012 (only available in Spanish here) ('the Regulation')

Regulator: The Nicaraguan data protection authority ('DIPRODAP') (not yet established)

Summary: The Nicaraguan Constitution recognises explicitly the right to privacy under Article 26. The purpose of the Law and the Regulation is to protect the personal information of natural and legal persons and to guarantee the right to privacy. In addition, they establish obligations for data controllers and processors and provide various rights to data subjects. However, since the DIPRODAP has not yet been established, the Law and the Regulation are not yet practically enforceable. In addition to the Law and the Regulation, there are specific laws for the financial sector which create further obligations regarding processing and security of certain categories of information.