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Law: Law of Mongolia on Protection of Personal Data (only available in Mongolian here)

Regulator: The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia and the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications

Summary: On December 17, 2021, the State Great Khural of Mongolia (the Parliament) adopted the Law of Mongolia on Protection of Personal Data, which entered into effect on May 1, 2022, and repealing the Law of Mongolia on Personal Secrets and the Law of Mongolia on Data Transparency and Right to Data. However, other legislation including the Law of Mongolia on Cyber Security (only available in Mongolian here), the Law of Mongolia on Electronic Signature (only available in Mongolian here) and the Law of Mongolia on Public Information Transparency (only available in Mongolian here), also entered into effect simultaneously on May 1, 2022.

Mongolia personal data protection is also regulated by sectoral legislation in the field of health and finance, which provide restrictions on data retention and data transfers. Mongolia is also a signatory to a number of treaties and conventions related to data protection including the EU-Mongolia Framework Agreement, which, among other things, commits Mongolia to cooperating with the European Union to improve its level of data protection to the highest standard.


The Law of Mongolia on the Protection of Personal Information (2021) ('the Law') regulates the collection, processing, use, and security of personal data by individuals, legal, and non-legal entities (Article 3). Buyanjargal Tungalag, Associate at Grata International, discusses key provisions and definitions of the Law.