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Law: Law No. (13) of 2012 regarding the right to information (only available in Arabic here) ('the Law on the Right to Information')

Regulator: No further information

Summary: The Law on the Right to Information outlines rights relating to information, the obligations or organisations to fulfil such rights, the appointment of an employee in organisations to supervise the use and collection and personal information, and security standards of organisations for information protection. Further, Chapter 4 of the Law on the Right to Information outlines specific obligations of organisations relating to personal information. In addition, Law No. (46) of 2008 on consumer protection (only available in Arabic here) ('the Consumer Protection Act') provides for the right to be informed. The 2015 Draft Yemen Constitution (only available in Arabic here) outlines an inviolable right to privacy under Article 90, although owing to the ongoing conflict in Yemen its implementation has been delayed.