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Law: There is no general data protection law.

Regulator: There is no general data protection authority.

Summary: While there is no general data protection law, relevant provisions can be found in, among other things, the Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique ('the Constitution'), which explicitly refers to computerised data and privacy, and various pieces of sectoral legislation. The Electronic Transactions Law (Law no. 03/2017, of 9 January) (only available in Portuguese here), for instance, provides requirements related to e-commerce. In addition, there are laws in the financial and telecommunications sector that set out obligations for matters such as data security. Mozambique is also a recent signatory to the African Union Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection ('the AU Convention'), having signed on 26 June 2018. While Mozambique has yet to ratify the AU Convention, this could indicate a general direction for how a data protection framework may develop in the jurisdiction.