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Law: Law No. 001/2011 on the Protection of Personal Data (only available in French here) ('the Law')

Regulator: Gabon data protection authority ('CNPDCP')

Summary: The National Assembly and the Senate of Gabon adopted the country's overarching data protection legislation, in the form of the Law, in 2011. The Law provides data subjects with, among others, the rights of access, to object to data processing, and to rectification and erasure. The CNPDCP clarified its capacity for enforcement actions in 2019, and noted that alongside issuing warnings and a three-month ban on activities, it can impose fines ranging from CFA 1 million (approx. €1,500) to CFA 100 million (approx. €150,100) for violations of the Law, and CFA 100 million to CFA 300 million (approx. €450,300) for repeat violations. The CNPDCP is also an observing member of the Consultative Committee of Convention 108.