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Global Privacy Compliance Solutions

Global regulatory research software to help you build and
maintain your compliance program

OneTrust DataGuidance Solutions

Build and maintain your compliance program with the most extensive and up-to-date resource for privacy, security, and third party risk research.

Powered by 40 in-house legal analysts and a network of over 800 lawyers, DataGuidance is designed to provide your privacy teams with the research needed to track and interpret requirements for the implementation of global privacy laws.

Regulatory News & Insights

Be the first to discover regulatory news and updates with daily alerts and industry research driven by our network of legal professionals and in-house analysts.

  • Sign up for DataGuidance Daily Alerts and stay up to date on the latest regulatory news and developments
  • Regulatory News & Insights are published in real-time as regulatory developments arise
  • Infographics & Reports illustrate the key takeaways for commonly searched privacy laws and regulations

Research & Comparisons

Leverage high-impact research portals to track and interpret key requirements for implementation of the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and other global privacy laws. Review and compare regulations across multiple jurisdictions.

  • High-impact regulatory trackers to evaluate the timelines, postponements, and other regulatory developments of privacy laws 
  • Detailed Legal Summaries published by legal professionals to provide an overview of the legal implications for organizations when aligning with privacy requirements 
  • Law Opinion & Analysis to help analyze the legal obligations related to individual laws
  • Cross-Jurisdictional Comparisons that highlight the key similarities and differences between global privacy laws

Data Retention & Data Residency

Utilize Retention Schedules to understand and comply with global data retention requirements across multiple jurisdictions, industries, and critical business functions. Leverage Data Residency to understand global residency and localization requirements and specific data transfer criteria.

  • Data retention and residency requirements
  • Granular descriptions of personal and sensitive data requirements
  • Specific data transfer criteria
  • Minimum vs. maximum storage periods
  • Plain-language legal citations
  • Legal source links

Customize & Collaborate with Workspaces

Leverage Workspaces to create a collaborative environment for cross-functional teams to communicate, plan, and operationalize key regulatory updates critical to your privacy program.

  • Utilize unlimited Workspaces for specific projects, jurisdictions and topics
  • Communicate important updates to your team
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams and share News and other relevant content
  • Create actionable tasks within your Workspaces to ensure your privacy program is up to date

Ask an Analyst

Have questions concerning regulations or privacy laws within your jurisdiction? With the OneTrust DataGuidance Ask an Analyst feature, you can direct your regulatory questions to our team of expert analysts who will provide you with a thorough and guided response.

  • Ask questions specific to your privacy program and address your unique compliance concerns
  • Gain insights on applicable legislation and supervisory authorities' guidance
  • Engage in discussions regarding the latest regulatory developments

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