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Law: There is no general data protection regulation.

Regulator: There is no general data protection authority. 

Summary: Currently, there are no data protection law in Jordan. The Parliament of Jordan released, on 2 April 2023, the Draft Personal Data Protection Law for 2022 (only available in Arabic here) ('Draft Law'). In particular, the Parliament noted that the Draft Law is considered one of the important laws and deals with how to process personal data.


In an increasingly interconnected world, establishing regulations to protect personal data in transactions between individuals, data controllers, and data processors has become necessary. This is particularly important for transactions between companies and individuals located in different countries. In the following Insight article, Mariana Abudayah, from Nsair & Partners - Lawyers, provides an overview of Jordan's ongoing efforts to address this pressing issue. Until now, Jordan has not issued a data protection law. However, the country is currently undergoing an assessment and review process by the Economic Committee at the Jordanian Parliament to develop a Data Protection Bill (the Bill). This article analyses the key aspects of the Bill, shedding light on its significance in safeguarding personal data and fostering secure cross-border transactions.