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  • UK: Updated notice on money laundering issued:

    ...  / read more
  • USA: SEC's rules on strong technology infrastructures:

    ...  / read more
  • International: PCI SSC's regional initiatives for PCI standards :

    ...  / read more
  • Poland: Optional DPO proposal 'advantageous to larger entities':
    The Polish Parliament ('the Parliament') adopted, on 7 November 2014, an act on facilitation of performance of business activity ('the...  / read more
  • USA: TRUSTe settlement fosters 'meaningful certification awareness':
    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settled with True Ultimate Standards Everywhere Inc. (TRUSTe), on 17 November 2014, alleging that they...  / read more
  • Uganda: 'Unique' draft bill applies to both controllers and processors:
    The Government of Uganda opened a public consultation, on 15 November 2014, regarding the country's draft Data Protection and Privacy...  / read more
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