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Artificial Intelligence

EU Proposed AI Regulation

The European Commission released, on 21 April 2021, its proposal for a regulation on laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence ('the Proposed AI Regulation'), a regulation on machinery products ('the Proposed Machinery Products Regulation'), as well as a new Coordinated Plan on AI. The proposals aim to turn Europe into a global hub for trustworthy AI, as the regulations would apply directly in the same way across all Member States based on a future-proof definition of AI.

Regulator Spotlight

OneTrust DataGuidance met with Simon McDougall, Executive Director for Technology Policy and Innovation at the Information Commissioner's Office. Simon discusses recent changes in respect to the use of cookies as well as the organisation's priorities for the coming year. Simon also shares his opinion on the developing discussion around artificial intelligence and ethics.

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Emerging Tech Series

In Episode 2 of Emerging Tech, we discuss some of the key considerations for organisations when incorporating artificial intelligence technology solutions, such as lawful bases, data minimisation, data subject right's, and Privacy by Design, alongside discussing some uses and applications of AI technologies.

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Privacy in Motion series

OneTrust DataGuidance spoke with Peter Fleischer, Global Privacy Counsel at Google, about the impact of privacy legislation globally, and how future technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence can be approached.

Rob Sumroy, who co-heads the Emerging Technology and Data Privacy practices at Slaughter and May, discusses the key risks that artificial intelligence technologies pose to privacy, what privacy regulations currently exist in the UK, and how to remain privacy-compliant whilst working with artificial intelligence technologies.

You can watch all of our Privacy in Motion series in our Video Hub.

Data Ethics: Benefits, Challenges and Practical Implementation

Artificial Intelligence: The Regulatory Landscape and Ongoing Developments

Artificial Intelligence and Transparency

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