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Virginia: Bill for the disclosure of health records signed by the Governor

The Virginia Governor signed, on 11 April 2022, House Bill ('HB') 1359 to amend the Virginia Code with respect to healthcare and consent to services and disclosure of records. In particular, HB 1359 provides that an authorisation for the disclosure of health records shall remain in effect until:

  • the authorisation is revoked in writing and delivered to the health care entity maintaining the health record subject to the authorisation;
  • any expiration date set forth in the authorisation; or 
  • the healthcare entity maintaining the health record becomes aware of any expiration event described in the authorisation.

Moreover, HB 1359 also provides that every healthcare provider shall make health records of a patient available to any person designated by a patient in an authorisation to release health records and that a healthcare provider shall allow a spouse, parent, adult child, adult sibling, or other person identified by a patient to make an appointment for medical services on behalf of such patient.

You can read the bill and view its history here.