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Victoria: OVIC publishes Incident Insights Report covering January to June 2021

The Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner ('OVIC') published, on 20 October 2021, its Incident Insights Report, which provides a summary and analysis of the information security incident notifications received by OVIC between 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2021. In particular, the OVIC highlighted that the observations and take-outs in this report are based on comparing the statistics published in previous Incident Insights Reports with the notifications they received.

Furthermore, the report noted that OVIC received 218 notifications during this period and confirmed that this represents a 40% increase from the last reported period, during which the OVIC had received 155 notifications. Additionally, the report stated that the OVIC received the highest number of notifications in January and April 2021, having received 53 and 51 notifications in those months, respectively.

Moreover, the report highlighted that, of the 218 notifications received by OVIC, the majority came from the justice sector, specifically from the Department of Justice and Community Safety. Notably, the report confirmed that, of the notifications relating to information in electronic format, approximately 50% of incidents related to emails, and these incidents were either related to phishing, incorrect recipients, or incorrect attachments.

You can read or download the report here.