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Utah: Bill on social media regulation signed into law by Governor

Senate Bill 152 for the Social Media Regulation Amendments was signed into law, on 23 March 2023, by the Utah Governor. In particular, the bill highlights a series of obligations on social media companies, requiring them to:

  • verify the age of Utah residents;
  • obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before a Utah resident under the age of 18 may maintain or open an account; and
  • prohibit a person to open an account if that person does not meet age requirements under state or federal law.

Moreover, the bill enacts a strict age verification process and allows parents or legal guardians to set time restrictions on social media use. Furthermore, the bill also blocks direct messages to minors without being 'friends' on the platform and prevents social media companies from collecting and selling data on minors.

Lastly, the bill will enter into effect on 31 December 2023.

You can read the bill and view its history here.