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USA: President signs K-12 Cybersecurity Act of 2021 into law

U.S. President Joe Biden signed, on 8 October 2021, the K-12 Cybersecurity Act of 2021 into law. In particular, the Act highlights the significance of protecting the sensitive information maintained by schools across the US, by implementing strong cybersecurity practices. Moreover, the Act requires the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency ('CISA') to study the cybersecurity risks facing elementary and secondary schools and develop cybersecurity guidelines designed to assist schools in facing those risks, which will then be adopted on a voluntary basis. Furthermore, the Act orders CISA to eveluate the challenges that schools face in securing:

  • information systems owned, leased, or relied upon by those schools; and
  • sensitive student and employee records.

Lastly, after the study is completed, the law requires CISA to:

  • develop an online training toolkit designed for school officials; and
  • make available on the Department of Homeland Security ('DHS') website the study's findings, the cybersecurity guidelines, and the toolkit.

You can read the press release here, and view the Act's history here