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USA: NIST releases annual report on cybersecurity and privacy program

The National Institute of Standards and Technology ('NIST') released, on 13 October 2022, NIST Special Publication ('SP') 800-220, 2021 Cybersecurity and Privacy Program Annual Report. In particular, NIST highlighted that SP 800-220 details NIST Information Technology Laboratory ('ITL') Cybersecurity and Privacy Program's responses to numerous challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity and privacy.

Furthermore, NIST explained that SP 800-220 is organised into eight key priority areas:

  • cryptographic standards and validation;
  • cybersecurity measurement;
  • education and workforce;
  • identity and access management;
  • privacy engineering;
  • risk management;
  • trustworthy networks; and 
  • trustworthy platforms.

Lastly, NIST specified that it had conducted research and demonstrated practical applications in several key priority areas, including post quantum cryptography cybersecurity in supply chains, zero trust, and control systems cybersecurity. 

You can read the press release here and SP 800-220 here.