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USA: FCC adopts new rules against scam texting

The Federal Communications Commission ('FCC') announced, on 16 March 2023, the adoption of new regulations specifically targeting scam text messages sent to consumers. In particular, the FCC noted that the new rules will require mobile service providers to block certain robotext messages that are highly likely to be illegal. Furthermore, the FCC explained that the new rules require the blocking of text messages that appear to come from phone numbers that are unlikely to transmit text messages, which includes invalid, unallocated, unused numbers, and numbers that the subscriber to the number has self-identified as never sending text messages.

Additionally, the FCC outlined that a second rule will require each mobile wireless provider to establish a point of contact for text senders, or have providers require their aggregator partners or blocking contractors to establish such a point of contact, which senders can use to inquire about blocked texts.

Lastly, the FCC mentioned it seeks public comment on further proposals to require providers to block texts from entities the FCC has cited as illegal robotexters.

You can download the press release here.