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USA: Congressmen introduce bill for the PROTECT Kids Act

U.S. Congressman Tim Walberg announced, on 9 January 2020, that he, along with U.S. Congressman Bobby Rush, had introduced the bill for Preventing Real Online Threats Endangering Children Today Act 2020 (HR 5573) ('the PROTECT Kids Act') ('the Bill') to the House of Representatives. In particular, the Bill seeks to modernise the Child Online Privacy Protection Act ('COPPA') to better protect children in today's digital ecosystem. Furthermore, the Bill raises the age of parental consent protection from children under the age of 13 to children under the age of 16, adds precise geolocation information, and biometric information as categories of personal information protected under COPPA, and affirms that COPPA rules include protections to children on mobile applications. In addition, the Bill provides parents with the ability to delete any personal information about their child, as well as requiring the Federal Trade Commission to conduct a study on the knowledge standard found in COPPA, and report its recommendations to Congress.

You can read the press release and access the Bill here and track its progress here.