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Uruguay: AGESIC announces Uruguay as leading region in cybersecurity according to IAD and OAS Report

The Electronic Government Agency and Information Knowledge Society ('AGESIC') announced, on 28 July 2020, that the Inter-American Development Bank ('IAD') and the Organization of American States ('OAS') have released their Cybersecurity Report: Risks, Progress and the Way Forward in Latin America and the Caribbean ('the Report'). In particular, the Report notes that Uruguay is leading the region in four of the five areas of the cybersecurity maturity model, which include cybersecurity policy and strategy, cybernetic culture and society, education, training, and cybersecurity skills, legal and regulatory frameworks, and standards, organisations, and technologies. Moreover, the Report highlights that Uruguay has a national computer security incident response team ('CSIRT'), the CERTuy under the remit of AGESIC, and a Security Operations Center. In addition, the Report indicates that, although Uruguay does not have a national strategy, it has developed an organised cybersecurity framework with reference to international standards.

You can read the press release here and the Report here, both only avaliable in Spanish.