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UK: Age Appropriate Design Code comes into force

The Information Commissioner's Office ('ICO') announced, on 2 September 2020, that the Age Appropriate Design Code ('the Code') has come into force, triggering the start of a 12 month transition period by which organisations will have to make the necessary changes to put children's privacy at the heart of their design. In addition, the ICO highlighted that the Code is risk-based, meaning that it does not apply to all organisations in the same way. Specifically, the ICO noted that those responsible for designing, developing, or providing online services like apps, connected toys, social media platforms, online games, educational websites, and streaming services that use, analyse, and profile children's data, are likely to have to do more to conform to the Code. Moreover, in assisting organisations to comply with the Code, the ICO has launched the children's code hub ('the Hub') and is developing a tailored package of support. Lastly, the ICO invited organisations to apply for places in its regulatory sandbox.

You can read the press release here and access the Hub here.