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Togo: National Assembly authorises ratification of Malabo Convention and updates functioning of CNDH

The National Assembly announced, on 30 June 2021, that it had adopted two bills, one authorising the ratification of the Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection ('the Malabo Convention'), and another to reinforce the independence of the National Human Rights Commission ('CNDH') of Togo. In particular, the National Assembly highlighted that through Togo's ratification of the Malabo Convention, it will strengthen the institutional and legal framework for electronic transactions, cybersecurity, the fight against cybercrime, as well as the protection of personal data. Furthermore, the National Assembly outlined that the bill to amend Law No. 2018-006 Relating to the composition, organisation, and functioning of the CNDH will allow, among other things, the CNDH to receive and process individual and collective requests from citizens on cases of violation of human rights.

You can read the press release here.