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Thailand: PDPC publishes national master plan for promotion and protection of personal data 2024-2027

On March 1, 2024, the Personal Data Protection Committee (PDPC) published the national master plan for the protection of personal data, which outlines the PDPC's strategies for developing and enhancing the data protection framework in Thailand from 2024 - 2027. The master plan summarizes key trends, opportunities, and challenges in promoting a national data protection framework. Through the master plan, the PDPC analyses the national strategic policies and related plans with the objectives of promoting and protecting personal data.

Furthermore, the master plan develops four strategic initiatives to achieve its aims, including:

  • effective and balanced PDPA enforcement by developing standards, principles, tools, and data privacy governance, including law enhancements;
  • knowledge and trust enhancement by building human capacity and trust;
  • digital economy and society promotion by enhancing collaboration across the private and public sectors; and
  • research and development and technology adoption by supporting research and technology adoption to enhance competitive capabilities.

You can read the master plan, only available in Thai, here.