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Thailand: ETDA revises recommendations for standard on digital identity verification

The Electronic Transaction Development Agency ('ETDA') announced, on 30 September 2021, revisions to its original standard on digital identity verification in order to be consistent with the usage context. In particular, the ETDA highlighted that it had released three editions of Digital Identity, Version 2.0, including a Framework, Identity Proofing Requirements, and Authentication Requirements.  

More specifically, the ETDA noted that the Framework edition describes the terminology, process, risk assessment, and assignment of levels of trust involved in digital authentication and verification; whereas the Authentication edition provides a requirement for identity providers ('IdPs') to verify the identity of anyone wishing to use the service or conduct electronic transactions. Further to the above, the ETDA outlined that the third Verification edition provides a requirement for IdP's to administer the identity and authentication of the user so that the IdP has standardised practice based on the level of trust of the IdP.  

You can read the press release, only available in Thai, here.