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Tajikistan: Parliament publishes draft information code

The Parliament of the Republic of Tajikistan published, on 7 September 2021, the Draft Information Code of the Republic of Tajikistan. In particular, the draft code establishes legal bases for information activities and is aimed at enforcing the right of access as well as the protection of information through the establishment of legal information regimes. More specifically, the draft code defines concepts including information security, personal data, unauthorised access, user, and leakage of information. In addition, the draft code provides a right to information for data subjects and a right to avoid abuse of the same. Moreover, the draft code outlines requirements for the protection of information that may cause harm to the owner, user, and other persons as a result of illegal treatment, including the adoption of security measures, such as organisational and technical measures. Furthermore, the draft code states that requirements, rules, and conditions of information protection should be established.

You can read the draft code, only available in Tajik, here