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Switzerland: Federal Council recommends consultation of law on processing airline passenger data

The Federal Council of Switzerland ('the Council') announced, on 12 February 2020, that it recommends the Federal Department of Justice and Police to initiate a consultation of a law governing the collection, processing, and transmission to other countries of airline passenger data. In particular, the Council noted that Switzerland must adopt a passenger name records ('PNR') system which will allow Switzerland to have access to such data collected by airlines for the purpose of preventing serious crime and aiding investigations. In addition, the Council highlighted that while such PNR data can be used to prevent or prosecute serious crimes and terrorism, the protection of passenger data and their right to personality must be safeguarded. Moreover, the Council stated that the use of sensitive data relating to ethnic origin and religious beliefs should be prohibited. 

You can read the press release only available in French here, in Italian here, and in German here.