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Switzerland: FDPIC issues statement on ChatGPT and AI-supported apps

The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner ('FDPIC') issued, on 4 April 2023, a statement on the use of ChatGPT and comparable artificial intelligence ('AI') supported apps. In particular, the FDPIC highlighted its recognition of the opportunities stemming from the use of AI-supported apps, such as ChatGPT, for society and the economy, but that the processing of personal data by such new technologies is associated with risks to privacy and informational self-determination.

More specifically, the FDPIC outlined that it advises users to check the purposes for which personal data is processed before entering text or uploading images, and that organisations must ensure that data protection requirements are complied with when using AI-supported apps. This includes, the FDPIC noted, ensuring users are informed in a transparent and understandable manner about which data is processed, for which purpose, and in what way.

Finally, the FDPIC outlined that it is in contact with the Italian data protection authority ('Garante'), following the temporary ban imposed on ChatGPT in Italy on 30 March 2023.

You can read the statement, available in German here, French here, and Italian here.