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Switzerland: FDPIC investigates cyber attack on Infopro

The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner ('FDPIC') released, on 14 December 2022, an update on the status of its ongoing preliminary investigation into a cyber attack suffered by Infopro AG, which led to the breach of personal data processed on behalf of FIDUCIAL WINBIZ SA. In particular, the FDPIC outlined that it is supervising the work conducted to regain control of compromised customer data and thus work towards corrected compliance with data protection information obligations.

Furthermore, the FDPIC confirmed that it has been in contact with those responsible at Infopro, the National Center for Cyber Security, and cantonal data protection authorities. In addition, the FDPIC highlighted that it had sent, on 14 December 2022, questions to WINBIZ, requesting clarifications on the reported violation of access restrictions.

You can read the press release, available in French here and German here.