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Spain: Government outlines key aspects of the AI Strategy 2024

On June 5, 2024, the official website of the President of the Government and the Council of Ministers published a press release providing additional information on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy 2024, approved by the Council of Ministers on May 15, 2024, and adopted in continuity with the AI Strategy of 2020. The press release highlighted that the strategy, which will be implemented in 2024 and 2025, is designed to develop and expand the use of AI in a transparent and ethical manner, focusing on facilitating its use in the public and private sectors.

Main axes of the Strategy

The press release outlines three main axes of the Strategy, including:

  • strengthening the deployment of AI throughout the economy, in particular in supercomputing, cloud infrastructure, AI language models, and the need for talent;
  • facilitating the application of AI in the public and private sectors, including the promotion of AI projects and solutions, as well as the development of a common data governance model; and
  • promoting transparent, responsible, and humanistic AI, including achieving consensus on its use, limits, and interaction between people and the developments - in particular, this will be led by the Spanish AI Supervision Agency (AESIA), created in August 2023.

Training of the language models

The press release further confirms that the Government has opted for creating a language specifically trained in Spanish and co-official languages to compensate for the lack of resources available in those languages, and intends to incorporate Ibero-American countries.

Furthermore, the Executive has decided to develop its own model to reduce biases and improve practical applications, which will provide an open, public, and accessible language infrastructure.


The press release states that a cybersecurity law is being developed that will provide a clear and complete framework for developing national cybersecurity, and actions have been proposed to promote innovation, collaboration, and the adoption of AI technologies in the field of cybersecurity through the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE).

Outlined potential uses

The press release lists the potential uses of AI according to the Strategy, which include:

  • the modernization of healthcare;
  • the creation of multidisciplinary educational content and the development of individualized learning;
  • the fight against climate change as well as better management of energy networks; and
  • new products and services in administration and companies.

The press release also outlines the definitions of AI and language models and lists sustainable AI projects developed in Spain so far.

You can read the press release, only available in Spanish, here.