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Shenzhen: Draft AI Industry Promotion Regulation submitted to municipal people's congress

The Shenzhen municipal people's congress, announced, on 29 June 2021, that a draft for the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Artificial Intelligence Industry Promotion Regulation had been submitted to the standing committee for deliberation. In particular, the municipality noted that the draft regulation shortens the approval chain and cycle for artificial intelligence ('AI') products and services to enter the market, establishes a risk management system for new technologies, and supports pilot trials of low-risk AI products and services. More specifically, the municipality highlighted that the draft regulation outlines the concept of AI from a technical point of view and clarifies the boundaries of the AI industry, integrating AI software and hardware products, system applications, integrated services, and other core industries, as well as AI technology in various fields.

In addition, the municipality provided that the draft regulation also requires the establishment and improvement of statistical classification standards, the formulation and improvement of statistical classification catalogs, the orderly development of AI industry statistical investigations, and the improvement of AI statistical monitoring systems. Lastly, among other things, the municipality maintained that the draft regulation focuses on balancing the relationship between promoting innovation and adhering to the bottom line and stipulates that the municipal government shall establish an AI ethics committee to strengthen the overall regulation, guidance, and coordination of AI ethics.

You can read the press release, only available in Chinese, here.