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Serbia: Poverenik issues statement on submission of annual report to Poverenik

The Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection ('Poverenik') issued, on 16 December 2022, a statement on the submission of the annual report to the Poverenik. In particular, the Poverenik reminded that all public authorities are obliged to submit to the Poverenik an annual report for 2022 by 31 January 2023, pursuant to Article 43 of the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance No. 120/2004 ('the Law').

Furthermore, the Poverenik highlighted that, in compliance with the Law, it had issued a decision on the form and method of submitting the annual report. In addition, the Poverenik emphasised that, if an authority fails to submit the annual report, the Poverenik is authorised to submit a request to initiate misdemeanour proceedings for the offense pursuant to Article 46(1)(9) of the Law.

You can read the statement here and access the portal here, both only available in Serbian.