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Senegal: CDP publishes regulation on processing of personal data in statistical surveys, polls and marketing studies

The Senegalese data protection authority ('CDP') announced, on 30 May 2022, that it had issued, on 25 May 2022, the General Deliberation No. 2022-00591/CDP of the Personal Data Protection Commission Relating to the processing of personal data implemented in the framework of statistical surveys, polls, and marketing studies. In particular, the Regulation provides that the collection and processing of personal data implemented for the purposes of statistical surveys, polls, and marketing studies must pursue the following purposes:

  • have statistical data on the marketing of goods, products, and services;
  • assess the social or market impact of new products or services;
  • know the preferences of respondents following an opinion poll;
  • assess the level of satisfaction of respondents;
  • develop business strategies; and
  • dispose and use the data collected for scientific research purposes.

Moreover, the Regulation governs the processing of personal data, implemented in the context of:

  • statistical surveys, implemented by public or private bodies, for commercial and scientific purposes;
  • surveys on goods, services, benefits, and opinions; and
  • marketing studies on the situation of a market.

You can read the Regulation, only available in French, here.