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Senegal: CDP publishes first quarterly notice for 2023

The Senegalese data protection authority ('CDP') published, on 6 April 2023, its first quarterly notice for 2023. In particular, the notice examines, among other things, applications for authorisation and declarations of personal data processing, complaints received, reports from citizens, and on-site inspections carried out. More specifically, the notice highlights that the CDP processed 44 files, including 32 declarations and 11 authorisation requests, and has approved policies and charters on the protection of personal data for two companies.

In regard to litigation, the notice confirms that the CDP handled five complaints and two reports, mainly concerning the unlawful collection of personal data and the installation of video surveillance systems not declared to the CDP. Furthermore, the notice details that, during the first quarter of 2023, the CDP carried out two on-site inspections, including one simplified declaration and one classic inspection. Finally, the notice provides that training and awareness actions were given priority during the first quarter of 2023.

You can read the notice, only available in French, here.