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San Marino: Guarantor addresses video surveillance requirements

The Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data ('Guarantor') issued, on 14 May 2021, a response that outlined further information in relation safeguarding personal data when using video surveillance, following receipt of a company's report on its video surveillance system. In particular, the Guarantor highlighted several requirements for the lawful use of video surveillance, including:

  • use of audiovisual systems and other equipment for control purposes is prohibited at a distance from the activity of workers;
  • the controller must inform people in detail of the areas in which video surveillance is in operation;
  • the information must be easily accessible to the relevant parties;
  • if several cameras are employed in a vast area, more signs should be installed;
  • the filming data must be processed lawfully and for security purposes;
  • images may be kept for a period not exceeding seven days and erased with dedicated automatic systems;
  • the relevant parties must be ensured the effective exercise of their rights, in particular in relation to accessing the data concerning them, verifying the purposes for use of the data and the methods and logic of processing, and blocking of unlawful processing when adequate security measures have not been adopted or the system is used by unauthorised persons; and
  • external cameras must not film public areas, streets or shared spaces.

You can read the full report here, only available in Italian.