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Saarland: Saarland Commissioner publishes 2021 activity report

The Saarland data protection authority ('the Saarland Commissioner') announced, on 22 June 2022, that it had published its 2021 activity report. In particular, the Saarland Commissioner outlined that, in the reporting period, chairing the German Data Protection Conference ('DSK') and advising the Saarland Landtag in relation to the adoption of measures to combat COVID-19 had posed a considerable administrative challenge.

Additionally, the Saarland Commissioner highlighted a significant increase in the number of complaints and data breach notifications received. Specifically, with regards to the former, the Saarland Commissioner specified that most complaints related to the topics of video surveillance, employee data protection, and direct marketing. In terms of data breach notificiations, the Saarland Commissioner explained that the increase in the number of data breaches was due to a multiplication of cyber attacks on companies and authorities, mainly consisting in the active exploitation of software vulnerabilities.

You can read the press release here and the 2021 activity report here, both only available in German.