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Queensland: OIC releases case note regarding disclosure of personal information

The Office of the Information Commissioner ('OIC') released, on 9 August 2021, its privacy case note regarding the removal of personal information from medical records. In particular, the OIC highlighted that the health service had refused the complainant's request to have all references to a perceived medical misdiagnosis be removed from her medical record. Furthermore, the OIC outlined that the compliant raises issues under National Privacy Principles ('NPPs') two and nine of the Information Privacy Act 2009.

Additionally, the OIC negotiated an alternative solution to removing the alleged misdiagnosis on the woman's medical file, whereby the health service agreed to redact all references to the diagnosis in the working copies of the medical files. Moreover, the original unredacted documents were also 'quarantined' in a secure envelope within the medical file, with access restricted to limited personnel, however, the OIC stated that full agreement did not occur as the health service did not consider it good practice to redact certain medical information.

You can read the press release here.