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Quebec: CAI calls for stronger protection of minors in digital environment

The Quebec Commission on Access to Information ('CAI') released, on 13 December 2022, its report on the protection of minors in the digital environment, calling for stronger protections of the same. In particular, the report examines risks to minors as well as international rights and principles associated with the protection of minors' personal information. In addition, the report highlights the importance of minimising the risks in this area, and discusses how to strengthen minors' personal information protection, including the impact of An Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information, 2021, Chapter 25 ('Law 25'). Furthermore, the report provides 12 recommendations including:

  • prohibiting the collection, use, or disclosure of a minor's personal information for the purposes of advertising or commercial profiling and for any other purpose known or reasonably believed to be harmful to minors;
  • prohibiting the sale of personal information concerning a minor, in all circumstances;
  • enshrining in law, as general principles that should guide the application and interpretation of personal information protection measures, the best interests of the child, their right to express their opinion, and their right to be heard in all proceedings that concern them; and
  • increasing the resources allocated to education and awareness of the functioning, advantages, and risks of digital technology, and the rights related to the protection of personal information.

You can read the press release here and the report here, both only available in French.