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Puerto Rico: Senate bill for Digital Privacy Protection Law introduced

Senate Bill 822 for a Law to create a Law for the Protection of Digital Privacy was introduced, on 6 May 2022, to the Legal Commission of the Senate. In particular, the bill aims to protect the personal information of consumers and guarantee the right to privacy in the digital age. More specifically, the bill would apply to personal information registered in databases of private sector companies, and would establish, among other things, various principles for the protection of personal information, including principles of loyalty, accuracy, purpose specification, and consent.

Additionally, the bill would also provide for data subject rights, such as the right to know what data is collected, the right to object to data being transferred, sold, or shared, as well as the rights to access, erase, correct, block, and restrict processing. Lastly, the bill would also provide for requirements around disclosure and privacy policies, direct marketing, and certain other controller obligations.

You can read the bill here.