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Poland: UODO issues statement on employee email monitoring and notifying employees on such practices

The Polish data protection authority ('UODO') published, on 13 August 2020, a statement on employers' monitoring of their employees' emails. In particular, the UODO noted that employers can monitor employees' emails to ensure work operations, and that such monitoring cannot violate the secrecy of communications safeguarded under Article 11 of the Labour Code, Act of 26 June 1974 ('the Labour Code'). In addition, the UODO highlighted that the employee must be informed about the purpose behind the monitoring, as well as its scope and the method used for monitoring. More specifically, the UODO stated that, under Article 22 of the Labour Code, the employer must notify employees about the introduction of monitoring, in the form of a letter, an announcement on bulletin boards, an e-mail message addressed to staff, or via the company's intranet, as well as, that this information must be provided at least two weeks before the monitoring commences.

You can read the UODO statement, only available in Polish, here.