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Philippines: NPC announces data breach of BDO Unibank

The National Privacy Commission ('NPC') announced, on 23 December 2021, the possible data breach of BDO Unibank Inc., accounts. In particular, the NPC highlighted the investigation of BDO commenced on 11 December 2021 regarding potential unauthorised transactions and unauthorised processing of personal data resulting from compromised BDO accounts. In addition, the NPC outlined an investigation is provided for under NPC Circular No. 2021-01 '2021 Rules of Procedure of the National Privacy Commission', which allows the NPC to initiate an investigation even without a formal complaint from the public or a third party.

More specifically, the NPC noted that BDO's ten-year-old security system was the focus of the investigation, and whether sufficient technical, organisational, and physical safeguards were in place to prevent unauthorised disclosure of personal information that may have been contained within the system. Furthermore, the NPC has requested that BDO appear before itself on, 4 January 2022, to verify and clarify the evidence submitted in relation to the investigation.

You can read the press release here.