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Pennsylvania: Bill on AI registry introduced in General Assembly

House Bill ('HB') 2903 on establishing an artificial intelligence ('AI') registry was introduced, on 26 October 2022, in the General Assembly of Pennsylvania. In particular, HB 2903 seeks to introduce, under the Administrative Code of 1929 (P.L. 177, No. 175), a registry of businesses operating AI systems. Specifically, HB 2903 provides that the Department of State ('DoS') shall coordinate with other State agencies that have contact with businesses operating AI systems to establish a paper and an online registry form to enable State agencies to assist the DoS in registering businesses in the registry.

Further, HB 2903 stipulates that the abovementioned forms shall be developed to obtain the following information relating to the businesses involved:

  • the name of the business operating AI systems;
  • the IP address of the business;
  • the type of code the business is utilising for AI;
  • the intent of the software being utilised;
  • the personal information and first and last name of a contact person at the business;
  • the address, email address, and ten-digit telephone number of the contact person; and
  • a signed statement, or, for online applicants, a box that is checked, indicating that the business operating an AI system has agreed for the DoS to store the business information on the registry.

Notably, HB 2903 outlines that information collected for the creation of the registry may not be sold or used for commercial purposes or used for other non-specified purposes.

You can read HB 2903 here.