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Paraguay: Chamber recommends accepting objections from Executive on credit data protection bill

The Chamber of Deputies announced, on 11 September 2020, that the Commission on Industry, Commerce, Tourism and Cooperativsim had resolved to recommend to the plenary Chamber to accept the partial objection formulated by the Executive Power to Bill No. 65534/2020, Protection of personal credit data. In particular, the Chamber noted that the current comprehensive bill on the protection of personal data, Draft Law No. S-198418 on the Protection of Personal Data ('the Draft Law'), goes beyond the Executive Power. Furthermore, the Chamber outlined that the Executive Power does not agree with Articles 9, 17(g), and (I), and 19, with the Executive Power alleging that the preservation of the data subject is essential and serves as the bases of the financial system. Moreover, the Executive Power states that the right of erasure will prevent statistical data from being generated, which is one of the very basis of the law itself.

You can read the press release here and read the Draft Law and track its progress here, both only available in Spanish.