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Paraguay: CERT-PY releases summary and recommendations on health sector security breaches

The Paraguay Minister of Technology and Information Communication ('MITIC') Centre of Cybersecurity Incident Response ('CERT-PY') released, on 20 December 2019, a summary and recommendation on security breaches in the health sector. In particular, CERT-PY notes the growing trend among cyber attackers to compromise health centres and obtain confidential information from patients, and then market them. Furthermore, MITIC explains that the attractiveness of health centres by cyberattacks also originates from better economic benefits from confidential patient data and the security breaches already in the systems of health centres, which makes it easier for cyber attackers to violate the system. In addition, MITIC recommends that businesses apply updates or security patches to their systems, exercise care with the use of system access credentials, and make backup copies of systems and applications.

You can read the press release here.