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Norway: Datatilsynet publishes report on digital infection tracking tools and highlighting data privacy concerns

The Norwegian data protection authority ('Datatilsynet') published, on 11 September 2020, a report on digital solutions for COVID-19 ('Coronavirus') infection tracking which was developed by Simula Research Laboratory. In particular, the report outlines the comparison between GAEN, an app based on the Google LLC and Apple Inc. infection tracking interface, and the Coronavirus tracing app, which uses bluetooth instead of users' location data focusing. More specifically, the comparison focuses on efficiency, data privacy, technology-related risks, and effectiveness for government use. In terms of privacy and data protection, the report notes that if location data is still stored by Google, the Coronavirus app will be less privacy intrusive than the GAEN one. In addition, Datatilsynet highlighted its decision to impose a temporary app on the tracing app and that any data leaks related to the use of the GAEN app will be considered.

You can read the press release here and the Report here, both only available in Norwegian.