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Nigeria: NITDA issues guidelines on the management of personal data by public institutions

The National Information Technology Development Agency ('NITDA') issued, on 17 May 2020, its Guidelines for Management of Personal Data by Public Institutions in Nigeria, 2020 ('the Guidelines'). In particular, NITDA highlighted that the Guidelines have been issued as supplementary regulations to the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019. In addition, the Guidelines require all public institutions and any entity co-owned by the Government to process all personal data of Nigerians and data subjects in Nigeria in line with best practices and in conformity with the highest standards. Moreover, the Guidelines highlight that NITDA recognises the need for collaboration in some cases between the public and private sector to tackle emergencies or other state-led interventions for the benefit of citizens and that therefore the Guidelines provide a strict framework for these types of collaborations to ensure that the privacy of Nigerians is not unduly infringed.  

You can read the press release here and the Guidelines here.